Simulate the Natural World with Virtual Biology Lab

Virtual Biology Lab is an online educational resource free to be used for educational purposes. The philosophy behind our models is to provide environments that simulate the natural world in the way living things respond to changing conditions. We provide a world to be explored rather than a path to be followed. While some background information and technical instruction is provided within each model, the objective is to learn by experimentation. Parameters and conditions can be adjusted easily to observe effects and consequences. Because these are stochastic simulations, no two runs are identical. The data generated are biologically realistic and are displayed numerically and graphically. Typically, students will design experiments and conduct them using the models, but collect and analyze their data in other software.

We are currently transitioning our models from HTML-based to HTML5. The new versions of the models include embedded instructions and background information, as well as enhanced graphics. Older model versions, including the original Java Applets, can be found on the site map page.

Try the HTML-5 versions by clicking on the images below.


Island Biogeography


PopGen Fish Pond


Barnacle Competition